In an often cold country such as ours, it’s vital to have a proper heating system available in your bathroom. Ensuring that the heating will be adequate for your needs when replacing your conventional heater for a modern towel radiator requires the expertise of an experienced bathroom designer who is capable of calculating your exact heating specifications depending on your bathroom dimensions, window sizes, boiler type and wall construction.

Under floor heating is yet another very popular lifestyle feature that you may wish to think about. Under floor heating consists of a series of fine electrical elements which are enclosed within the tile adhisive. The temperature and on-off times are set by using a convenient LED timer which is housed outside the bathroom. Under floor heating has evolved so dramatically that the cost to install and run the system is now relatively cheap and is without doubt a cost effective yet luxurious solution to the uncomfortable feeling of standing on cold floors after stepping out from your shower.

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Our under floor heating systems are designed not only to help heat your bathroom. This ingenious system also helps dry up any excess moisture which may have formed on the bathroom floor during showering, particularly if you happen to have a floor level shower tray or walk in shower area.

For further information about having under floor heating installed in your new bathroom, why not talk to our bathroom specialists on 01698 300820.

More often than not our clients decide to replace their conventional bathroom heaters for one from our range of beautiful chrome towel warmers. Modern towel warmers look amazing in a newly designed bathroom although it’s very important to select the correct style and size combination for your particular bathroom. Below are images from our range towel warmers. Please contact us to discuss your particular heating requirements

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