When choosing bathroom taps it’s important to take into consideration how your new bathroom will look as a whole as the taps can either compliment your choice of fittings or look out of place. There are also various types of bathroom taps, such as pillar or mixer types. You may also choose from either a basin & bath filler or bath filler with shower mixer attached. A selection of freestanding bath taps can also be viewed below, the choice is yours.

The Blox Range – Basin Mixer

The Blox Range – Bath Filler

The Blox Range – Bath Shower Mixer

The Venice Basin Mixer

The Venice Bath Filler

The Venice Bath Shower Mixer

Surf Basin Mixer

Surf Bath Filler

Surf Bath Shower Mixer

Onyx Range – Basin Mixer

Onyx Range – Bath Filler

Onyx Range – Bath Shower Mixer

Lazio Range – Basin Mixer

Lazio Range – Wall mount Bath Filler

Lazio – Fresh & Contemporary

The Madrid Basin Mixer

The Madrid Bath Filler

Madrid Bath Pillar Taps

Jet Range – Basin Mixer

Jet Range – Bath Filler

Jet Range – Bath Shower Mixer

Westminster Range – Basin Pillar Taps

Westminster Range – Bath Pillar Taps

Westminster Range – Bath Shower Mixer

Ice Fall – Basin Taps

Ice Fall – Bath Filler

Ice Fall – Bath Filler

The Dream Range – Basin Mixer

The Dream Range – Bath Filler

The Dream Range – Freestanding BSM

The Wave Range – Basin Mixer

The Wave Range – Bath Filler

The Wave Range – Bath Pillar Taps

The QL Range – Basin Mixer

The QL Range – Bath Filler

The QL Range – Bath Shower Mixer