Installing a modern illuminated mirror to your finished project is a fantastic way to complete the look of your new bathroom.

We offer many exciting options for you to choose from including a stunning range of designer, illuminated mirrors which add that touch of elegance to any bathroom. Normally when installing these types of mirrors the wiring required to power them is taken from a nearby electrical supply and the wiring becomes hidden within the wall cavity before they are tiled over or covered with your choice of wall panels.

Mirrors and mirror wall units come in various sizes and designs and can often be combined with storage with shelving as with normal bathroom cupboards. The illumination can be set to be switched on independantly or when the main bathroom lights are switched on. Most or our illuminated mirrors do not require a pull cord to operate, instead they have a built in touch sensor which makes switching the mirror on and off simple and safe, even with wet hands. Illuminated mirrors can be installed with or without bathroom furniture.

Aztec Mirror – Click to View

Hollywood Mirror – Click Here

Saturn Mirror – Click Here

Vegas Mirror – Click to View

Illuminated bathroom mirrors enhance any bathroom setting, whether it’s either modern or traditional style, there’s a mirror for all types. Contact us today if you wish to discuss how to have the perfect mirror for your bathroom.