When thinking about having a new bathroom installed it’s a good idea to consider incluing your ceiling in the overall design and renovation process. A new ceiling can add a wonderful new dimension to your bathroom if designed and installed properly, as well as adding to the value of your home.

In many cases a new ceiling will consist of installing a series of specially designed PVC ceiling panels which are installed onto a 75mm timber frame construction just under your old ceiling. This way, your old ceiling remains in place and the new ceiling is installed only 75mm below the original. These panels are constructed in tounge and groove fitment, so only a very small join is visible when properly fitted. All electrical cabling for your new ceiling lights are hidden inside the panels, leaving a fresh and modern finish. After installation of PVC ceiling panels, you will never need to paint your ceiling again.

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Our PVC panel dimensions are 2700 x 250 x 5mm per panel. Below are images of the panels that we install.

If PVC ceiling panels are not to your particular taste, then you may consider having the ceiling plaster finished and painted. Our installation team can also install new down lights using this amazing product. To discover how our beautiful ceiling options can transform your bathroom, contact us today on 01698 300820 or complete the short enquiry form and one of our staff will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements.