After you have decided upon how your new bathroom is going to look as well as which products you wish to have in your new bathroom including bath style, shower type, your choice of tiles and bathroom suite, you will then be given a mutually convenient date in which we will begin the project.

On the first day of your bathroom renovation, all of your old items will be taken out and placed wherever you consider to be the most convenient place for us to uplift and remove all of the old material.

The first priority once we have stripped out the old bathroom is to arrange the new plumbing. If you have chosen to re-situ items such as radiators or basin and bath, then the new plumbing may need to involve certain pipework to be routed under the flooring. Once all of the new plumbing has been carried out, it’s time for the walls and ceiling (if you are having a new ceiling) to be prepared for your new tiles or wallboards and/ or ceiling panels or plastering. All new electrical wiring is installed for your new illuminated mirror, shaver point and lighting. If you have taken the option to have under floor heating installed, then the controllerwill be instellad at this point also. The heating matting will be laid just before the floor is tiled.

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The next thing that we do is to hide any pipes that may be visible by boxing in with a minimum sized timber frame before this is eventually tiled over, adding to the perfect finish.

Once your walls have been prepared by filling any gaps and unevenness with plaster and/ or wallboards, we can then move on to the next stage of tiling the walls.

There are several ways in which to tile. Our team of bathroom tilers are experts in this field. By tiling using a method known as hand-butting, we can ensure that once the job is complete your bathroom will look absolutely perfect.  There will be no uneven walls or missing grout, guaranteed!

If you have chosen to have mosaics installed, we use a cleverly designed sheet of mosaic keeper which is installed onto the areas in which the mosaic tiles are to be laid and then the mosaics are placed onto it. This speeds up the process and provides a perfectly uniform finish.

It’s important to note that we completely tile the bathroom before installing any furniture, we never tile onto furniture as this provides a vastly inferior finish. Only after the wall has been completely tiled will we begin to install your furniture, the same goes for W/C’s, we never tile around basin’s or W/C’s, doing so this way is much quicker but simply looks awful.

After your new ceiling has been completed, we install the new bath and/ or shower tray, prior to tiling. It’s also important to point out the we do not use the bath level as a tiling staring point, since once again although it’s quick and convenient to do so, the finished look is just never 100%. Out tilers begin from a level starting point which is pre-determined from where a timber baton is then placed in which to begin tiling from. This will ensure that your tiles look amazing and will be clear to you and your guests that your bathroom has been professionally tiled.

After the walls have been tiled we then move on to the next stage which is tiling the floor. Tiling a bathroom in this order prevents your new floor tiles from any possible damage that could be caused by accidents and chemicals during the wall tiling stage.

Once the bathroom has been tiled and grouted, a special protective spray is used to protect the wall grout from future discolouration. We then proceed to install your basin, furniture and shower enclosure or shower doors etc.

At this point customers will be able to see the complete bathroom transformation as our installers complete the project, fitting out with accessories such as mirrors, towel and toilet roll holders etc.

You are now all set to fully enjoy your beautiful new and perfectly fitted bathroom. To discuss anything related to our bathroom installation service or anything related, simply get in touch or if you wish to arrange your FREE plan and design, please complete the short contact form of give us a call on 01698 300820 and discover how you can have a stunning new bathroom, for less…